Bringing the clinical trial to the patient

Accellacare In-Home Services is an industry leader, offering a full suite of home trial services to support your protocol needs. These services, conducted by highly skilled mobile healthcare professionals, can be provided on a stand-alone basis or as part of an integrated ICON solution for decentralised trials.

By easing the burden of participating in a clinical trial, In-Home Services improves patient recruitment and retention with a patient centric approach.


  • 18+

    years' experience
  • 400+

    clinical trials brought to patients at home

We have nearly 20 years' experience of managing and delivering more than 400 clinical trials in virtually all phases and therapeutic areas for the top ten pharma and small biotech organisations through our global network. It is our experience that In-Home Services are particularly beneficial in rare disease and paediatric studies where easing travel burden can make clinical trial participation more convenient for patient and the caregiver.

Our teams lead by industry experts and are trained to the highest clinical standards. Our goal is to identify risks early so that challenges can be overcome or completely avoided. You can rely on Accellacare In-Home Services as a collaborative partner that will guide you through the in-home clinical trial journey for optimal outcomes.

The benefits of Accellacare In-Home Services include:

  • Accelerated recruitment
  • Increased retention
  • Enhanced compliance
  • Increased patient diversity
  • Improved patient and site satisfaction
  • Continuity for patients during unexpected events


Geographic reach

Our In-Home Services network spans 55+ countries, providing services consistently and reliably throughout the world to match the global footprint of your study. Our network of licensed and accredited home care agencies, ensures that our services are provided by clinicians who speak the patient's native language and are familiar with local regulations and practices, making it easier for the patient to participate in their clinical trial. Our nurses are licensed, pre-screened and receive protocol-specific training for each study, including GCP training. Learn more about our global network here.

Regulatory compliance

Our quality control and oversight is driven by current and complete Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that maintain compliance with industry clinical standards including ICH/GCP, dangerous goods, and privacy rules. We conduct documented, protocol-specific training for each study. Our processes and practices have been successfully audited by biopharmaceutical companies, CROs and other third-party auditors.