What sets us apart?

As the pioneer in the industry, Accellacare In-Home Services combines clinical trial expertise with project management to bring the site visit directly to patients wherever they live, study, work or travel.


Wider solution options

Accellacare In-Home Services can be deployed on a stand-alone basis, as part of a hybrid solution with in-site clinical trial services or as an integrated component of a fully decentralised trial.


Proven trial management experience

With experience drawn from more than 400 clinical research studies, Accellacare In-Home Services has developed proven processes to accelerate the pace of a clinical trial. We identify risks early in the process so challenges can be optimally managed or completely avoided.

To effectively manage each study our logistical planning processes ensure the right clinician is in the right place at the right time with all the support and materials they need. Our processes and systems ensure reliable, consistent performance throughout your study so that key milestones are met.


Highest quality standards

Our quality control and oversight is driven by current and complete Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), which keep our work compliant with industry clinical standards including ICH/GCP, dangerous goods, and privacy rules. Our global network partners are either accredited or adhere to SOPs including quality and privacy standards.

We provide documented protocol-specific training for each study, based on sponsor-provided materials, supplemented with training on general and relevant research topics. We have been successfully audited by biopharma companies, CROs and other third-party auditors.


In-Home Services global network

The Accellacare In-Home Services global network is critical to the delivery of consistent, high quality services across six continents. We ensure that our team is not only pre-qualified and trained, but also speaks the patient’s native language and understands the local regulations and practices.

Being part of ICON, plc offers the stability and resources of a large global organisation with a broader range of services for integrated solutions.