Our Patient Voice program enables us to leverage the patient perspective for feasibility, recruitment and retention.

We are focused on gaining an in-depth understanding of the person behind the patient and the many factors that influence their health journey and decision-making behaviors. We help clients to uncover the patient and care-partner perspective on all aspects of the product development lifecycle. Our aim is to understand and ensure value for the patient.

Engaging with patients to understand their needs and priorities

We engage directly with patients, care partners, healthcare providers and patient advocacy groups to uncover and understand what is most important in their daily lives and healthcare journeys.

By partnering with patients and the key influencers in their lives, we dig deep to uncover the many layers of data – data that is always as unique as the people who provide it. Ultimately, the thoughts, attitudes, emotions and beliefs we identify translate to actionable insights that drive client decisions across the product lifecycle.

Our research and insight, based on information from patient surveys, forums and focus groups, also supports our patient recruitment and retention team and therapeutic specialists as they identify the key milestones in the patient journey.

By collectively leveraging this information, we are able to develop and put in place protocol-specific support solutions and patient engagement strategies resulting in a more holistic, patient centric approach. Using the patient profile and the treatment pathway to further define who the patient is, we create a customised study-specific recruitment strategy.