Delivering faster study start-up and increasing patient recruitment with a patient centric approach

Accellacare is a global clinical research network delivering clinical trial services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device industries. Our drive to enhance the patient experience at site enables us to improve patient access to new treatments and deliver benefits to our clients.

Rapid start-up

Using a finely tuned site feasibility approach and central process management, including budgeting and contracting, Accellacare achieves faster study start-up. This means patient recruitment can start earlier to achieve important early milestones.

Patient access

Accellacare’s dedicated patient engagement team drive the identification and recruitment of suitable patients, using an extensive database of patients and targeted campaigns on digital channels, resulting in higher recruitment levels per site.

Focus on quality

Consistent, centralised training programs in quality assurance and compliance ensures that we are always inspection ready. High quality training, tools, centralised SOPs and Core Operating Guidelines (COGs) as well as oversight across all sites has resulted in positive outcomes for our clients. Accellacare has had 15 regulatory audits in the past five years with no findings.

Delivery on the ground

  • Various models available including embedded research personnel managing clinical research within a healthcare institute or physician’s office
  • Supporting specific studies or all research
  • Providing on demand patient recruiters, study coordinators, data entry staff
  • Standardised technology, processes and IT management
  • Research study sourcing, feasibility and EMR query tools
  • Quality Management System
  • Budget and contract negotiation
  • Human resource management and training