A patient centric solution to accelerate study start-up and increase patient recruitment & retention

Accellacare is a global clinical research network offering customers a wide range of stand-alone and integrated solutions for their studies including patient assessments at sites and in-home as part of decentralised trials. Increasing patient centricity in clinical research is bringing benefits to both patients and sponsors.


Accellacare Site Network

Our feasibility and central process management accelerates study start-up to get studies up and running faster, while a dedicated patient engagement team drives identification and recruitment of suitable patients, using an extensive database of patients and targeted campaigns. The result: the Accellacare Site Network recruits more patients per site, in a wide range of therapeutic areas, in a shorter time frame. The Accellacare Site Network also provides patients easier access to innovative treatments and the option of clinical research as a care option. At the same time it provides investigators with innovative treatments for their patients with a quality-focused clinical research infrastructure supported by experienced professionals globally.


Accellacare In-Home Services

Perfecting the art and science of in-home clinical trials, we offer a full suite of clinical trial services in patient homes or alternative site locations to suppport your protocol needs. These services, conducted by highly skilled healthcare professionals, are available on a stand-alone basis or as part of a full-service ICON solution for decentralised and hybrid trials.

Accellacare Site Resourcing

We understand that there are peaks and troughs in studies and that research-naive sites may need extra resources to support patients or a study. Our Site Resourcing services are scalable and flexible with the dynamics of your requirements and can be provided as a part-time, full-time, limited-term solution. holiday or even on-call assignments.

Focus on quality

Consistent, centralised training programs in quality assurance and compliance ensures that we are always inspection ready. High quality training, tools, centralised SOPs and Core Operating Guidelines (COGs) as well as oversight across all sites and services has resulted in positive outcomes for our clients. Accellacare has had 16 regulatory audits in the past five years with no findings.

Delivery on the ground

  • Various models available including embedded research personnel managing clinical research within a healthcare institute or physician’s office
  • Supporting specific studies or all research
  • Providing on-demand patient recruiters, study coordinators, data entry staff
  • Standardised technology, processes and IT management
  • Research study sourcing, feasibility and EMR query tools
  • Quality Management System
  • Budget and contract negotiation
  • Human resource management and training